What's On My Wishlist

If you didn't already know, I'm currently going through the process of buying my first home; this is something I've been excited for ever since I was a little girl so as you can imagine my wish list is full!
Since I have so many beautiful pieces in my shopping basket, I've decided to create a monthly series so that I can share these with you. The pieces will be quite random to start with but once I move into the house and start designing the rooms my wish list will become more specific; I'm thinking desk space, vanity unit, guest bedroom etc.
Until then, heres my first 'What's On My Wishlist'! I hope you enjoy.

Sweetpea & Willow, H&M Home, ANNA by Rablabs and The White Company are at the top of my list when I'm looking for something new. If you know of any furniture or homeware stores that I haven't mentioned then please let me know!


Love, Bethany


Tags: interior design, shop, inspiration