What I Bought #1 - Homeware Haul

As you may have guessed from my recent two week absence, we finally moved into our new home. Moving house is just crazy, I really thought I’d be able to live a normal life along side the move but I quickly learned that just isn’t the case, so two weeks of crazy hair and no social life it was!
We’ve been in the house for a week now and we’ve just about got all the furniture in its rightful place. I have so many beautiful accessories that I’ve bought in the last month that I couldn’t wait to share with you so I’ve quickly styled everything for this haul - I’ll probably switch up the placement of these pieces all the time but for now, I’m happy with how they look. Keep on reading for my new home homeware haul!

*the pieces that I haven’t mentioned are the ones that I’ve had for a while, so unfortunately they won’t be available to buy anymore.

Faux Potted Boxwood  - Homesense Leaf Effect Tray

Faux Potted Boxwood - Homesense Leaf Effect Tray

I’d love to know what your favourite pieces are from this haul, have a lovely day!

Love, Bethany

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