The Stunning Home Office Furniture & Accessories That Made My Wishlist

The home study is the one space in the house that is likely to be seen only by you. This of course makes it easy to push to the bottom of your 'important rooms' list but this shouldn't be the case, you should make that extra effort for yourself - you deserve to be working in a beautiful study, whether it's a whole room or just the corner.
Our home offices should be calm and comforting spaces at the same time as stimulating our minds and promoting productivity. Here are some pieces that I feel do both these things well, click the image for the link to buy.

I've chosen pieces that reflect nature through their colours and materials; the concrete effect of the desk and desk tidy, the planet inspired paperweight, the petal shaped candle holder, the earthy scent of the candle. And pieces that promote productivity; the simple but elegant table lamp, the ergonomic chair, the magazine shelf and the organisation tray.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to revamp your office space! Will you be adding any of these pieces to your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.


Love, Bethany


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