Spring/Summer 2018 Interior Inspiration

After the beautiful weather across the UK this bank holiday weekend, it's finally feeling like summer! When I think of summer, I think blue skies, flourishing greenery, blooming flowers, radiant skin, vibrant & zingy cocktails, multi-coloured ice lollies, brighter pieces in my wardrobe, the list goes on... Almost every aspect of life changes for me in some way and I'm all about taking these little pieces of inspiration and reflecting them within my interior, too.

I've pulled some pieces of inspiration from all different sources that will help you to bring those summer vibes into your own home. I hope you love it!



For me, this year is all about 'new neutrals'. I've seen lots of dusty pinks, sages, lavenders and warm greys lately, not just in paint colours but within furniture and accessories, too. Here are my 5 favourite colours for this season.


I've always loved the combination of a primarily contemporary design with the added edge of natural, rustic accents. When everything is bright & beautiful outside, it's even more refreshing to bring that vibe indoors through your choice of materials; think wicker baskets, pottery and indoor plants.
Sophie Paterson is known for her signature classic yet contemporary style with a rustic-chic edge, her design for the Holiday House in London is a perfect example of bringing this through to the summer.


If you love travelling then this idea is perfect for you. When the weather brings back memories of Morocco and flashbacks of Fiji, it would be rude not to boost this feeling by making your interior feel like a holiday home. Take pictures of the interiors you love whilst travelling, search Pinterest for inspirations from different cultures and better yet, treat yourself to some homewares whilst on holiday to really invite that nostalgic energy into your home.

Writing this post has made me feel so summery! Hopefully it inspired you to make a few little changes around the house in time for these warmer months.


Love, Bethany


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