My Nursery Design - Planning

So this may just be my most exciting post to date - I’ve started planning our baby girl’s nursery design and I couldn’t be more excited! With just under three months until she arrives (as well as Christmas and New Year in-between) I’m trying my best to get everything ordered as soon as possible so this plan is pretty much how the nursery will turn out, I hope you enjoy!


River Nursery Scheme.jpg


I’m not a huge fan of heavily themed bedrooms but I’ve always had a fascination with the universe, so it seemed perfect that my first baby’s nursery would hint at this in some way.
Whilst shopping in Dubai back in January I saw the most beautiful moon-shaped lamps. Of course, I wasn't pregnant back then and I totally forgot to write down the name of the brand. These Moon Nightlight Lamps are the closest thing that I’ve found so far, but since I still have some time before she arrives I’m going to keep looking for other options.
The next idea I had for the universe theme was the six Watercolour Moon Prints. Our family friend Danielle Cox is a super talented artist and when I saw the animal prints that she painted for my mum-in-law I had to contact her. I explained the vision that I had in my head and sent a few reference images over to her and within a month I had the most beautiful, bespoke paintings. I couldn’t recommend her enough!


We are renting the property that we currently live in which means changing the wallpaper, flooring and lighting isn’t an option but thankfully the walls are white and the carpet is grey so pretty much any scheme will look lovely. I have decided to go for a warm-grey wash finish in the furniture which will look beautiful against warm-white soft furnishings.
The accent colours that I’ve chosen are a mixture of warm neutrals - the same colours that you see within our bespoke watercolour paintings. I won’t necessarily use all of these colours but there will be hints of these around the nursery.


As always I’m back with Sophie Paterson for my main inspiration - her designs just speak to me!
I really love the idea of having a sofa bed in the nursery, mainly because of the practicalities. During the day it serves as a great seat for feeding and if I ever need to sleep in there, I have the option. I have a showroom visit at The Sofa & Chair Company next week where I hope to source the perfect sofa bed.

Cobham Project - Sophie Paterson Interiors

Cobham Project - Sophie Paterson Interiors

Cobham Project - Sophie Paterson Interiors

Cobham Project - Sophie Paterson Interiors