How to Style Your Bedside Tables

Although it's important to make our bedside tables look beautifully put-together, it's just as important that they are practical and personal to whoever is sleeping by them each night. Here are a few general ideas that you can follow and tailor to each individual nightstand in your home.


Go Bold With Your Night Light

I do love a classic bedside lamp, but it can really pay off to think outside the box and go for something with a bit more oomph! Pendant lights and sconces are a couple of great options that will also free up space on your table.


Before you choose your accessories, think about how you use your bedside table:
Do you remove your jewellery each night before you sleep? If so, find yourself some beautiful bowls or trinket boxes.
Will you leave your phone by your bed overnight? A phone stand or charging pad would be perfect for you.
Do you bring a glass of water to bed with you? Add coasters to your shopping list.
Do you keep your skincare by your bed? A decorative tray to display these works beautifully.
Everybody has a different routine, but these types of questions should help you to decide what accessories will be useful to you.


Just like I mentioned in this post last month, geometry is a super important part of styling. Use a mixture of shapes, odd numbers and create a contrast in size within your pieces. Make sure to check out my 'Coffee Table Styling Ideas' post for a more in-depth explanation.

I hope these ideas help you to style your night stands in a beautifully practical way. Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram if you use any of these tips!


Love, Bethany


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