How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive for Less

It's no secret that the cost of redecorating our homes can easily add up, and it can be really frustrating when money gets in the way of achieving the look that you want. With this in mind, it's a good idea to have some simple design rules in place before you begin your renovation. Keep reading for my favourite ways to add luxury to your home without breaking the bank.



Recessed downlights are so common that the beauty of an eye-catching lighting fixture is quite often forgotten about. Choosing a lighting fixture that has wow factor is a great way to add an expensive touch to your space. This might be an expense that you could do without but if you see one that you love then it's well worth saving for and really will make all the difference.


Architectural mouldings are usually associated with high-end homes and buildings, they create class and grandeur. Despite this, they're actually super inexpensive to install. If your space is on the smaller side, stick to only a couple different types of moulding; skirting (fitted at wall and flooring junctions) and coving (fitted at wall and ceiling junctions) are two to begin with. If your space is a little bigger, you could play around with more decoration mouldings on the walls.


I know, I know, I always go on about oversized pieces, but it's for a reason - it's the easiest way to achieve that high-end look, regardless of your personal style. Large and imposing objects & spaces give off a feeling of opulence so if your space is on the smaller side, you should always try to make it feel bigger. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

hang your curtains high and wide
Since the windows are usually the largest focal point in a space, we subconsciously use them as a guide for size. When your curtains are open, its crucial that they don't cover any part of the window; if they do, they'll make it look smaller.
- Hang your curtain rail as high as possible, this will make use of the whole height of the room, drawing the eye upwards.
- Extend your rail past the width of the window so that no part of the window is covered when your curtains are sitting open.
- Finally, choose curtains that reach the floor to trick the eye further.

large cushions, rugs and artwork
Apply the same design principles as above to accessories; when we see larger objects we assume a more opulent and luxurious space.
- Cushions should be large and filled right to the top; about 18cm x 18cm is the perfect size.
- Rugs should cover as much of the space as possible since smaller rugs visually shrink a room.
- Opt for larger artwork as this can work as another focal point.

By sticking to these ideas when you design your home, you'll finish with a beautiful space that feels expensive and confidently expresses your personal style.


Love, Bethany


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