Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Your coffee table is the perfect place to display some of your favourite items. Other areas of display can go unnoticed but since this is a place to sit with your guests, it definitely won't be overlooked. There are so many ways you can style your coffee table, and it's something that you can change super easily so if you love more than one idea, just switch it up every couple of weeks.


Choose larger trays to fit all accessories or smaller ones to display only a few, using the tray to section your pieces.


When deciding on accessories don't just go for the items that will fill the width of the table, choose the ones that will stand up too. If the majority of your pieces sit quite flat, you can build height using books and trinket boxes.


Sounds boring, I know! But trust me, geometry plays a really important role in any design. A circle or square is balanced which produces a sense of harmony, a triangle however has a very strong sense of direction and can feel restless and uncomfortable. Here are a few general rules when it comes to coffee table geometry:

Use a mixture of shapes: If your coffee table is square, try to introduce some circular items in your accessories.
Odd numbers: Group pieces in ones, threes or fives with varying heights, shapes and sizes to create visual interest.
Create a contrast in size: A large and imposing book would sit nicely by a group of smaller pieces.

For more coffee table inspiration, take a look at my Coffee Table Styling Board on Pinterest.


Love, Bethany


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