Autumn Living Room Styling

Transforming your living space for the different seasons is so exciting, in the summer time it’s all about bright colours & light textures whereas when winter comes around, rich tones and heavy fabrics come into play. There are so many different ways to inject a little bit of Autumn into your space, you just need to get creative! Here are some of my favourite ideas; some of which I’ll be using myself this year.


Switch to warming, spicy scents to introduce those Autumn feels, there’s something about burning candles that really reminds me of those colder months, too. Some of my favourite A/W scents are:


Choose heavier textures and add layers to your furniture to create a super cosy vibe. This season I’m all about chunky, cable knit throws & oversized cushions. I usually go to Homesense for my soft furnishings, but for the sake of beautiful images I’ve chosen some other stores for the links below.


Transitioning your living room from Summer to Autumn doesn’t have to mean autumn leaves, pumpkins and orange flowers - instead, choose lots of greenery and darker flowers for a much more contemporary feel. If you prefer faux foliage like I do, Rose & Grey have a gorgeous selection.


If you’re keen on the idea of going bold with your living room, this could be the perfect time to experiment with colour. Rockett St George recently launched their beautiful debut paint range; 18 colours ranging from earthy tones to cooling colours. If you can’t quite bring yourself to paint a whole wall in such a statement colour, these paints are perfect for any autumnal D.I.Y projects.


Private Belgravia Apartment by Elicyon.

Private Belgravia Apartment by Elicyon.

Chelsea Galleries by Rachel Winham.

Chelsea Galleries by Rachel Winham.

I hope you all loved reading this post as much as I loved writing it.

Love, Bethany

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