A Life Update

Hey lovely people! I have a different post for you guys today - I’m going through lots of life changes at the minute which will affect my content and I feel like being transparent is the best way to avoid any confusion. I’ve also decided that it’s the perfect time to tidy up my online space a little…

I’ve been a fashion model since I was 7 years old, so naturally I’ve been present on Instagram for quite some time. My personal account has evolved from primarily work-based images to an account based around my lifestyle & all the things I’m loving at that time, whether that be related to fashion, food or beauty. Since interior design is my biggest passion, it feels completely unnatural to me to have a separate account just for design.
With all this in mind, I’ve decided to merge everything into one. That means no more @bethanyrinteriors - instead there will be everything lifestyle related on my personal account @_bethanyr which of course includes interiors. This also means that you may be seeing the odd lifestyle related post on the blog, too.

Another change that you may already know about if you’re from Instagram - I’m expecting my first baby! Which means I’ve been OBSESSED with nursery design. I wanted to mention this in a post so that there wasn’t just a random splurge of nursery-related pieces everywhere you turn on the blog!

Lastly, we are moving temporarily into a rented property. So expect lots of ideas on how to make your rental as homely as possible, as well as all of the Christmas related ideas I have to share. (I am aware that it’s September and I’m not ashamed!)

Hopefully this has given you guys an idea of what’s to come from me. Head over to my Instagram & let me know that you’re from the blog!

Love, Bethany

tags: lifestyle