8 Online Interior Stores That You May Not Know About

After challenging myself in this month's wishlist to find more of the lesser known online interior stores, I wanted to dedicate a post entirely to all of those websites that you may not yet know about. These brands really are special in their own little ways, and the stories behind them are lovely. You could use this post as a mini directory to refer back to when you're in need of something unique, I hope that you love it!



An independant, family-run business that sells all the loveliest things - from furniture and lighting to gifts and jewellery. They source really beautiful & quirky pieces and sell them online as well as in their Worcestershire store.

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A small, family-run company established in 1997 that design and source their own unusual and individual pieces. They have their own fabric and wallpaper collection and sell custom upholstery, hand-painted furniture and accessories. The story behind their brand is truly heartwarming.

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An online store created by a lovely lady named Alex. She has always bought from independent designers but found it difficult to track them down, so she decided to create Made+Good; a place for all makers and lovers of beautiful, individual designs to find each other.

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Described as a clean, Scandinavian aesthetic with a bright, vibrant and contemporary edge - Rose & Grey is the home to lots of beautiful pieces. Some designed and made in the U.K and some sourced from British & European suppliers. Their kitchenware is my absolute favourite!

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An online store that focusses on unique and independent boutiques, Trouva is a brilliant website if you're looking to discover beautiful pieces that you won't find anywhere else. It's like visiting all those secret boutiques across the country from the comfort of your own home!

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A growing business founded by two friends in 2007, Rockett St George aims to source authentic and quirky pieces that differ from your usual chain store options. The pieces are definitely more on the luxury side, but with surprisingly lower price tags than you would expect... what's not to love?!

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After being inundated with enquiries about a wall decoration that she crafted herself, Fiona Cox decided to hand pick a collection of timeless homeware products that couldn't be found in your standard homeware stores. 17 years on, Cox & Cox continues to source eclectic pieces for the stylish home.

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A growing, family-run business - Graham & Green's story begins in the early 1970's when Antonia Graham opened the doors to their first ever store in the heart of Notting Hill. The family works closely with international artisans to create the high-quality pieces you see online and in-store.

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Hopefully this has inspired you to support the smaller, independent interior companies around the UK. It's easy to go to the same high street/large chain companies but there's just something so satisfying about finding a unique piece and knowing that not only have you bought something special that you love, but you've also helped a small business to grow.


Love, Bethany


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