6 Beautiful Study Designs

When it comes to designing your study, practicality is important. Whether you work from home or you only use it once a week, it should be organised, functional and carry few distractions. Despite this, we shouldn't compromise on aesthetics; it should still be a beautiful space! Below I've put together 6 of the most stunning home office designs along with a few reasons why I love them, enjoy!

My favourite thing about this design is the colour scheme; muted tones create such a sophisticated feel. The architectural details quietly add a sense of authority.

Although this home office is super professional, an element of fun has been added through the art deco inspired gold accents and unusual lighting fixture. I love the balance of both.

The colour scheme in this study is super feminine but the weight of the furniture, the architectural details and the bookcase maintain a good level of professionalism. You don't have to choose between the two; you can have both!

Again, this office is the perfect mix of femininity and professionalism. I'm in love with the desk shape and the lighting fixture; together they make a perfect contradiction of authority and playfulness.

Since this desk space has been integrated into a corner of the bedroom, the designer has decided to go with a simple and elegant scheme. The textured wall panels are a really nice way of adding interest without overcomplicating the scheme.

In contrast to the previous design, there is a lot going on in this one! I love the architectural details, the heavy & authoritative joinery and the LED lighting within the shelving units. All of these factors add to a stunning and dominant design.


Since I am soon to be designing my own study, I'd love to see any home office inspiration you have. Let me know any of your favourite designs either on Instagram or in the comments below.


Love, Bethany


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