4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious

Our bedrooms should be calm and relaxing spaces, and by choosing an elegant aesthetic we can easily create that feeling of calm. Luxury can be added through rich fabric and material choices, but if you're working on a budget there are a few simple design decisions you can make that will give your space that sophisticated feel.



We have a strong emotional response to the shape and size of the objects around us, we compare the size of a piece against the size of our own bodies. By choosing larger, oversized pieces you can create a feeling of opulence. Wherever possible, choose oversized furniture and accessories; artwork, mirrors, bedside lights and headboards are great pieces to go oversized with.


This is one of my favourite ways to add a feeling of luxury to a bedroom. A ton of cushions on the bed instantly gives that hotel-style aesthetic. If your bedroom has space for seating, use cushions and heavy throws here too.


Sleep is so important; we spend around one third of our lives in bed so investing in good quality bed linen is essential. Choose a fine, high-quality thread with a high thread count for bed linen that feels super soft against the skin.


Use lighting and fragrance to intensify your senses:
- Directional downlighting above artwork will make the space feel extra luxurious and choosing soft, warm bulbs over bright whites will feel more relaxing.
- To help you unwind, choose candles and diffusers that include lavender, chamomile, rose or jasmine. Diffusers are great for keeping a continual scent and candles are perfect for setting the mood.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know any other ideas you have for creating luxury in the bedroom.


Love, Bethany


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