10 Beautiful de Gournay Wallpaper Designs

De Gournay is a British wallpaper house that was founded in 1986 by Claud Cecil Gurney. Their wallpaper is everywhere at the minute; used by some of the best designers in the industry to complete their stunning interiors. Their designs are all hand-painted with the option to be tailored to the space they'll be used in. Here are my 10 favourites from their website.


Both of these designs are stunning in their own right. The 'Wisteria' design adds a classic and feminine touch to this particular space; framing the wallpaper with moulding is a great way to turn it into a piece of artwork at the same time as saving on the cost.
I love the traditional earthy feel the 'English Landscape' design gives to this bathroom, the tones of the paper accentuate the hardware in the space.

This particular design won't be to everybody's taste since it is quite 'out there' but I love it! It would be great for commercial spaces or alternatively for smaller spaces in the home. Designer Sophie Paterson has used this beautifully in the small powder room above.

This 'Bamboo River Design' has been used in a boutique London hotel; a great place to use stand out paper like this as it adds a special factor to somebody's stay.
This striking 'Portobello' design has been used on a yacht to express flair and opulence, I love how the design continues onto the ceiling above the bed - such a beautiful pattern to gaze up to whilst laying down.

Another of my favourites, the 'L'Eden' design creates a whimsical feeling in this feminine bedroom. The neutral colour palette of the wallpaper ensures that the design isn't overstepping the mark on femininity.
The 'Plum Blossom' design in this dining space is stunning, I love how the branches hang from above.

The 'Chatsworth' design in this small bathroom adds to the regality of the space. The colour palette shows off the gold hardware beautifully whilst standing out in its own right, too.
The grand feeling of this tearoom in London is complete with the framing of the 'Askew' design. The colours tie in with the furniture in the space and an element of opulence is added through the textures of the wallpaper.


Which of these would you use in your house? You could get so creative with the positioning of the wallpaper itself!


Click here for the de Gournay website.


Love, Bethany


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